Tutorial : MalwareBytes & CCleaner

I have been using both software for almost 10 years (I think) for my troubleshooting and PC/Laptop Maintenance works. I find the combination of both software are pretty useful in order to check and clean PC/Laptop from malware, spyware, trojan and also junk files (the process of installing and uninstalling programs sometimes leave out a lot of junk files which are being deleted or removed automatically. for normal user, it might be a troublesome task of finding it).

In the past, i’ve used HijackThis and also Adaware and several tools to remove infection from PC (i’ve worked inside a cybercafe where infection were a regular customer than the human customer itself). this tools are great because it can be quite troublesome to the extend if it were too hard to remove, the last were to fully formated the infected pc. These are the days where floppy and disk and pendrive were a norm. I remember how Brontok virus were very popular that the only way to remove it is to format the whole machine. luckily i found a very good trick which i managed to share it inside lowyat forum ages ago.

Now i’m using both software and here a quick (kinda) video on how to use the software and yes it is in Bahasa Melayu.

Cheers !