Cyber Trooper ?

once consider as a myth, cyber trooper is no longer can be viewed lightly due to it’s influenced have managed to toppled the BN coalition in the 2018 General Election in Malaysia. after the PH victory, it is very noticeable that their presence are not so active like before the election. i firmly believed that they will come back on the next general election however after recent political turmoil in Malaysia that saw the PH coalition destroy and a new government were swear on last week.

in recent days, there have been activity of attacking the current cabinet minister especially for those that came from PAS block. it is highly known that the sentiment against PAS politician were still strong due to the after effect by the cyber-trooper installing hate inside non muslim voter against the Islamic based Political Party.

Tactical were used were still the same such as Fake News, Click-Bait and also misleading news. it is interesting on how the new government will react against this attack